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Utilize domestic carriers

Take control over your FTL and LTL transport flows from suppliers with Capply. By utilizing domestic carriers you can reduce costs by taking advantage of imbalances in import/export volumes.

Multi-supplier shipments

Capply's platform and team of experts enable you to consolidate shipments from different suppliers into a single transport, maximizing load capacity and minimizing expenses. With Capply you can reduce the number of truck arrivals at your unloading locations.

Integrate complex flows

Let our logistics experts optimize your transporation flows using line haul services, enabling transparent and efficient transportation between major hubs. Gain control over your supply chain, make informed decisions, and proactively address issues. Enhance your supply chain resilience by integrating your systems with Capply.

Our platform

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Complete our signup process and join Capply in a couple of minutes. The Shipment form is easy and intuitive to fill out. It requires loading and unloading locations, details about the shipment size and a description of the goods being shipped. For frequent addresses, save location data—including loading instructions and contacts—and reduce central administration of your shipments.

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Leverage Europe's vast railway network for sustainable and efficient logistics.

Reduce emissions, enhance operations, and save costs with increased capacity and improved punctuality.


Get personalized logistics solutions with Capply's specialized carriers, from tail-lift loading to oversized freight capabilities.

We find the perfect carrier and equipment to your unique road freight needs, prioritizing efficiency and attention to detail.


Leverage the most effective Incoterms for transportation beyond the EU boundaries using Capply's platform and logistics experts.

Our team of logistics experts is well-equipped to guide you through every step of the customs process, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

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