Find profitable loads in our vast shipper network

Capply’s network provides you with an extended sales channel that connects you with diverse shippers, maximizing your earning potential.

How it works

Tailored to you

Get matched with shipments that fit your needs, gain access to both spot and recurring shipments, and expand your customer base beyond your local market.

Clear shipment details

Streamline your logistics with clear transport details, built-in pre-advise tool, round-the-clock support, and respect for the CMR convention standards.

Provide your all-in quotes

Provide fixed or flexible quotes only on shipments that are profitable for you. Develop long-term relationships with shippers through repeat business.

Fast payments

With Capply, enjoy prompt payment in just 72 hours after delivery, and effortlessly track both your current and historical shipments and invoices.

Find loads on your preferred lanes

Only receive requests for shipments that align with your interests. You'll receive requests for both spot shipments and recurring flows, providing opportunities to find new customers beyond your home market. Experience the added advantage of flexible loading and delivery times, ensuring optimal efficiency in your operations.

Clear shipment details

All shipments with Capply comes with fully detailed transport requests, eliminating the need for extended email communications. Our pre-advise tool ensures efficient loading and unloading operations. From 7:00 to 20:00, a dedicated point of contact is always available for you. Plus, all Capply shipments are governed by the CMR convention, maintaining high industry standards.

Provide your all-in quotes

Capply puts carriers first. Only commit to shipments that ensure your profitability. The platform supports fixed prices for multiple shipments and flexible prices for single shipments. Our platform offers an opportunity to build lasting relationships with shippers through repeat business.

Fast payments

At Capply, we understand the importance of prompt payment. That's why we guarantee payment within 72 hours of delivery. Plus, our platform provides a comprehensive overview of both pending and historical shipments and invoices, helping you manage your business efficiently.

Get loads easily

Getting started takes only a few minutes. Our head of partner network will contact you to setup your account and the lanes you want to receive quote requests for. Once setup, you will have an extended sales channel outside your home market.

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Outsource unwanted loads

With Capply, you gain a reliable partner to whom you can outsource unwanted loads or customer requests you receive which fall outside your preferred lanes. We only outsource to vetted partners and continuously provide you and your customer with shipment updates

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As part of our network, you'll gain access to a multitude of shippers, all while benefiting from our dedicated administration and support. Drive less empty miles, and enjoy more profitable journeys.

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